Biostimulants (Manufacturers & Importers)

“biostimulant” means a substance or microorganism or a combination of both whose primary function when applied to plants, seeds or rhizosphere is to stimulate physiological processes in plants and to enhance its nutrient uptake, growth, yield, nutrition efficiency, crop quality and tolerance to stress, regardless of its nutrient content, but does not include pesticides or plant growth regulators which are regulated under the Insecticide Act, 1968 (46 of 1968);

The biostimulants specified in Schedule VI shall be classified under any of the following categories, namely:

  • Botanical extracts, including seaweed extracts
  • Bio-chemicals
  • Protein hydrolysates and amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Cell free microbial products
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-transpirants
  • Humic and fulvic acid and their derivatives

Provisional Registration



S.No. Details Remarks
1 Duly filled Application for G-2 in the prescribed format (as per FCO amendment dt. 23-02-2021) Duly Signed
2 Last 3 Years Sale report / GST Data for the Last 3 Years / Stock, Production, Trade of the product for last 3 years duly verified by Chartered Accountant. Self Attested
3 Label of Product(s) Self Attested
4 Self Declaration of No report ill effect or hazardous effect or any International publication or world wide acceptable test report supporting Non hazardous effect Notarized
5 Name of responsible person and his / her acceptance on stamp paper (as per clause 24 of FCO 1985) Notarized
Note: *Kindly check with the Director of Agriculture of your State for specific details needed (if any) before applying to obtain the G 2. Once we complete the documentation for G 2 application - Verification of facts, Applying to the authority, Follow up and Certificate (FORM G 2) from the Director Department of Agriculture is to be obtained directly by the client(s) from their respective States.


Application in the prescribed format (FORM G 1)

** to be applied after receiving G 2 from the State Deptt. of Agri.

Provisionally Registered Product(s)

Ref. : Clarification from the Ministry of Agri. & Farmers Welfare Dated 2nd Aug. 2021

Permanent Registration

Following Studies to be undertaken

Application in FORM G, along with study reports to be submitted to “The Controller of Fertilizer”

Service details for Studies from NABL / GLP Certified Lab: Chemistry, Shelf-life, Toxicity: 5 acute studies and 4 eco toxicity studies; Heavy metal detection against their prescribed limit etc.

Service details for Agronomic BioEfficacy Study:
Note: 3rd Party Studies, Follow up, Monitoring, Report, Documentation, Application, Additional Information (if needed) and Registration from competent authority.

Apply For The Service

Once complete product information is received, detailed trial protocol to be sent to the client along with the trial fee.

Apply for BioStimulant / Bio-pesticide Registration