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How to Avail the Service?

  • Send attached product information in the prescribed format.
  • Information on target States and crops is appended for ready reference.
  • Once complete product information is received, detailed trial protocol to be sent to the client along with the trial fee.
  • Improvements, if any to be included.
  • Trials to begin, after formal work order and payment of trial fee.

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Independent Product Evaluation and Farmer's field Efficacy Study

No fixed Liability

As many studies (crops, locations, products) of choice, without any fixed liability year after year / No hiring or replacement / No Training/ No Monitoring.

Localized data

Data generated through local trials (in a particular agro-climatic zone) have better reliability, as compared to recommendations based on general findings.


It may be possible to extrapolate localized efficacy data / information from one crop to another (closely related) one, between cropping situations.

Elements of Farmer's field efficacy evaluation

Direct efficacy (effectiveness)

The direct efficacy of a product refers to the purpose for which it has been used and / or possible negative effects on the crop, if any.

Agronomic Sustainability

Product sustainability in the crop production system, which is targeted.

Economic Benefits

The overall efficacy of the product is determined not only by its direct effectiveness and agronomic sustainability, but also by its economic benefits to the grower.