Background - Farmer's Field Product Testing

With the growing challenges of conventional farming systems, Sustainable Agriculture as a viable option, is being discussed from last nearly 3 decades, however, it has been realized that despite growing concern about safe and healthy food, plus ban on large number of chemical pesticides, the growth of sustainable agriculture is not up to the mark.

Most of the companies have good products; however struggle to achieve consistency, repeated demand, increase in sales volume and slow growth rate. With growing competition, the challenges are to increase manifolds in future.

Now with the changing world, where competition is increasing and performance / quality of product is being valued instead of price alone; providing data in support of claims to the end users (buyers) will have long term impact on sustainability.

Existing Practice & Facts

  • In view of the above, this segment couldn’t capitalize on the space vacated by inputs being banned from time to time, because
  • Currently the efficacy trials conducted through Govt. institutions are to meet the regulatory requirement only, that too paying a very high fee.
  • As per fixed test protocols to test single pesticide only, that too under controlled conditions (performances vary under farmers’ field conditions).
  • In actual practice, instead of single product, certain combinations give better results.
  • Even combinations of non-chemical with chemical have also been found to perform much better as compared to both used independently.
  • In most of the cases, studies conducted in one states; while business activities are in different states. Again the result is inconsistent product performance.
  • In case of data sharing for pesticides registration, the field efficacy is rarely verified by the data buyer.
  • Once the product is commercialized, actual performance in farmers’ field becomes more important than registration alone.
  • Few companies do have their independent product development team to undertake such studies, however majority go without any such development activity.
  • In case of exports, buyers do ask for actual field data, which is mostly not available, and data generated for regulatory purposes don't address their queries.

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Once complete product information is received, detailed trial protocol to be sent to the client along with the trial fee.

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