Registration of Bio-stimulants and Bio-pesticides

  • Bio- stimulants: Products under any of the following category namely Botanical extracts, including seaweed extracts; Bio –chemicals; Protein hydrolysates and amino acids; Vitamins; Cell free Microbials products; Antioxidants; Anti-transpirants; Humic & fulvic acid and their derivations
    (Complete 3rd party studies w.r.t. Chemistry including Shelf-life; Bio-efficacy; Toxicity; and Detection of Heavy Metals and pesticides residue as per GOI guidelines)
  • Bio-Pesticides: With special focus on microbial formulations as per CIB & RC guidelines.
    (Complete 3rd party study and product registration)

Product Development

hFService undertakes product testing in those States / Agro-climatic zones, where focus is more in terms of business - to assess if, and to what extent, the experimental product performs better (or equally well) as a reference product (Agri. inputs being used or to be used for Soil health and Nutrient Management, plant protection and / or any other purpose during the cultivation of crops).

Farmer's Field Trials: Scientific Services

Localized farmer's field Product efficacy testing (in 8 out of 15 Agro-climatic Zones covering 11 Indian States and All major crops); w.r.t.

  • Timely Data capturing on agreed parameters: Records of all original observations, measurements, calculations and derived data, as well as the final trial report are maintained throughout.
  • Elaborated trial protocols, before starting the work, which is sufficiently detailed so that clients can understand the contents of the study and verify its quality.
  • On demand, Online briefing to the team about highlights and doubt clarification.
  • Standard design of experiment (field trials), with treatments replicated suitably.
  • Advise on target crop and preferred region(s) location(s).
  • Suggestions on testing protocols (FINALIZATION BY CLIENTS).
  • Photographs at critical stages (on demand).
  • Facilitate the visit of client / representatives.
  • Support during Field day / farmers’ visit.
  • Regular (periodic) updates on trial status.
  • Data verification, computation and statistical analysis.
  • On demand special training to the selected team members.
  • Standard report writing.
  • Summary & conclusions.


To ensure that the proposed claims and recommendations are supported by trial data & reflect the actual performance of the product.

To assess the benefits that accrue from the use of a product and to define the product’s conditions of use.

Reflect the actual performance of the product while providing a clear benefit to the user / confidence to the sales team.

Product Testing Aspects

(to be compared with the conventional farmers’ practice at a particular location)

S.No. Aspect To Study the Effect on
1 Soil health & Nutrient Management (Major, macro, micro nutrients)
  • Growth factors
  • Yield attributing factors
  • Yield of crops
  • Economic benefits
  • Others, if needed
2 Plant protection Against Weed; Disease; Insect pest; Nematode; Mites control etc
  • Targeted factor (Disease incidence, weed and pest infestation)
  • Adverse effect, if any
  • Efficacy either independently or in combination
  • Effect on final yield
  • Economic Benefits
3 Water Management Product; and /or Volume / frequency of irrigation
  • Demand for irrigation
  • Growth factors
  • Yield of crop
  • Economic benefits

Capacity Building (Existing & New Business)

  • Emerging Scenario and Challenges
  • Product orientation
  • Product Application
  • Effective strategy – How to approach Marketing Partners? Farmers? Etc.
  • Case Studies
  • Assessment & Feedback

Business Strategy (New Business Entrants)

  • Independent Market Assessment (Products in the Target Markets)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Suggestions and Recommendations
  • Business partners, if any
  • Negotiations and Contracts
  • Regulatory Service (Product Registration)

Product Quality Management (Against product failure, batch rejection etc)

  • Data Analysis
  • Diagnosis of quality culprits (factors)
  • Study of SOPs and Gaps, if any
  • Help to develop internal checks – entire production process
  • Suggestions and Recommendations

Team Building (for new business entrants)

  • Need based manpower selection
  • Team Orientation
  • Effective strategy – How to approach Marketing Partners? Farmers? Etc.
  • Case Studies
  • Assessment & Feedback

Coordination and Liaison

  • With State Agricultural Universities / ICAR institutes
  • Bio-efficacy trials for product registration / label expansion
  • Trial protocols and Treatments
  • Timely data recording / trial completion; and
  • Reporting

Product positioning (New products and / or re-positioning of Existing products)

  • Products Assessment (v/s Competitor’s)
  • Packaging (Inviting to the Users)
  • Pricing (Remunerative)
  • Independent Product Assessment (End users) and Feedback

Apply For The Service

Once complete product information is received, detailed trial protocol to be sent to the client along with the trial fee.

Apply for BioStimulant / Bio-pesticide Registration