Benefits: Independent Product Evaluation and Farmer's Field Efficacy Study

No fixed Liability

As many studies (crops, locations, products) of choice, without any fixed liability.
No hiring or replacement
No Training
No Monitoring.

Localized data

Data generated through local trials (in a particular agro-climatic zone) have better reliability, as compared to recommendations based on general findings.


It may be possible to extrapolate localized efficacy data / information from one crop to another (closely related) one, between cropping situations.


The advantage of this type of data is that it is directly relevant to the specific product use situation that needs to be marketed effectively.

Other Benefits

Complete focus on production / sales to achieve & exceed targets, without any fixed cost liability to the company.

Capacity building of sales team & better product performance.

3rd party evaluation, an effective business tool for domestic/ international client.

Confidential field evaluation and comparison with competitor’s product(s).

Performance publicity by word of mouth; and Convenient to organize field day, and draw mileage among farmers / dealers.

Valuable feedback to the R & D and production team to improve the product quality.

Trials directly in farmers’ field - Replicable results and conclusions.

Increase in sales volume, business turnover and net returns.

Apply For The Service

Once complete product information is received, detailed trial protocol to be sent to the client along with the trial fee.

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